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The New Way to Capture Highlights.

Scout makes filming sports with your phone easy, so you can save the moments that matter, while still enjoying the game.  Assist Mode makes following the action effortless while the wireless remote allows you to capture highlights with a single click, saving you time by eliminating post-game editing.

Create and share better highlights in less time.

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Sport specific tripods/mounts sold separately: Mounting Guide

Happy Customers

Don't take our word for it

Scout Beta User

This is going to really improve the way I film my kids’ sports games and highlights. I like that I can use different tripods to get the best shot, plus don’t have to hold my phone up over my head while I try to watch the game and record at the same time anymore.

Jennifer & Mike
Scout Beta User

My husband and I can use Scout for all our kids’ sports from soccer to tennis. It’s very easy to use and with the remote we feel like we can enjoy the game while still recording everything so we can share it with grandparents later.

Scout Beta User

Scout has already saved me hours of editing this month, well worth the money. To be able to save a highlight with a single click is awesome. No more going back through entire game film to edit out the key plays I want to save and share.

Scout Beta User

Being able to record good game film along with separate highlight clips will be a game changer for my team. I can easily upload the film online but also quickly send individual highlights when my players want to share them on social media.

$50 off Required Hardware with code FALL22 | Ends 11/18/2022

$50 off Required Hardware with code FALL22 | Ends 11/18/2022

$50 off Required Hardware with code FALL22 | Ends 11/18/2022